• Poggianti - FW 2022-2023

Woods is the scene of the new FW 22 Poggianti 1958 campaign. A mysterious but fascinating place.

The scent of plants and fresh air, like a gentle caress on your skin. Eco-sustainable and breathable fabrics, designed to respect the environment. Natural raw materials to maintain a healthy and clean environment. If you stop and listen to its sound, you can hear the purity of this uncontaminated space penetrate your skin. Each creation is designed and produced with the highest respect for the environment.

Poggianti 1958

Made in Italy artisan tailoring

Since 1958 our company has made pure made in Italy its philosophy. The internal tailoring production allows us to take care of the design in every detail, always favoring the use of original and quality fabrics. The collection that we give you a mention in this catalog, presents the classic Poggianti line, which elegantly favors the beauty of the fabrics.

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